Shape of a moving idea

Frame by frame, 2D, animation. 03:46 min, 2018 
(1700 drawings)

Art is the core topic of the animation. Its inexhaustible and unfixable meanings are investigated through visual suggestions and interviews which try to unfold, at least partially, the artistic practice. Having some questions in mind (as how do we make art today? Which are the contexts in which it's blooming? Is everything art?Etc.), the goal of the animation is not to give an univocal and absolute answer, but rather to compare and mix ideas of artists and thinkers coming from different parts of the world. To let further emerge a multitude of approaches and points of view, an attempt for a collective voice.


Giuseppe Abate, Maria Grazia Calandrone, Mari Campistron Simone Casetta, Anna Facchetti, Enej Gala, Valerio Nicolai, Danilo Stojanovic, Misha Stroj, Giulio Peirè, Carolina Pozzi, Oscar Contreras Rojas.


Virginia Gabrielli
Lorenzo Matteucci
Official Festival selection:

- Animation Block Party 2018 (New York, Usa)
- Milano Film Festival 2018 (Milano, Italy)
- Sedicicorto International Film Festival 2018 (Forlì, Italy)
- Short Film Fest San Giovanni 2018 (Pesaro, Italy)
- International Animated Film Festival ReAnima 2018 (Bergen, Norway)
- Cut Out Fest International Animation and Digital Art Festival 2018    (Querétaro, Mexico)
- Milano Movie Week 2019 (Milano, Italy)

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